Thursday, March 18, 2010

Murder of a Small-Town Honey (Denise Swanson)

Skye Denison is a child psychologist that got fired and had to move back home to Scumble River, a hick town a half an hour away from Chicago. It opens with a small town fair called Chokeberry Days, where Skye happens to find the local celebrity dead. Oops. The rest of the book follows Skye as she tries to figure out who the culprit is.

The book wasn't bad. It's your basic mystery story. There are a couple of twists I didn't expect. But what really kills me is that the main character hooks up with a guy who's an asshole to her. There's no real wooing involved. He is just asshole, asshole, "hey, go out with me!" and she automatically says yes. Stupid. But the story's okay. I wouldn't dissuade someone from reading it, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it either.

8 down, 42 to go!

Pages: 238
Genre: Mystery
Grade: C+
Would I Read Again?: I might keep up with the series, just to have something to read. That's about it.

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